Specialist Legal Services

Sharon provides a range of specialist legal services in family law to help you get the most personalised legal service.

Personalised & Professional Legal Services

Sharon Chandra is a certified family law specialist who can help you navigate specialist areas in family law, from resolving trust disputes to answering questions on spousal maintenance. Here are the specialist areas our firm can help you with:

Relationship Property

Sharon has extensive experience in dealing with property division upon the breakdown of a relationship. Sharon has dealt with numerous cases involving complex legal issues and high net-worth assets.

Contracting Out Agreements

Sharon is an expert in advising how best to protect assets when entering a relationship. Sharon can advise on whether you are seeking to protect your assets or are being asked to sign a contracting out agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement).

Trust Disputes

Sharon has experience in dealing with trust disputes, including issues that arise in the context of a separation and issues between trustees and/or beneficiaries.

Estate Claims

Sharon has acted in several estate claims throughout her career. Sharon has experience dealing with claims where a family member has not been adequately provided for in a will, claims of undue influence over a will-maker, and promises made by a deceased during their lifetime.

Spousal Maintenance

Sharon has considerable knowledge in dealing with the issue of financial support upon separation (also known as spousal maintenance). Sharon can provide legal advice on whether an obligation to pay financial support exists and how best to address matters.

Care of Children Matters

Throughout her career, Sharon has acted in countless cases involving children. Sharon can advise on how to address any issues relating to children, including care arrangements upon separation and significant decisions relating to a child.